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Howard Materetsky
Howard Materetsky

Howard entered the financial services profession in the late 1970`s. Over his career, he saw many different markets and developed a specialty working with retirees and those about to retire. In 1987 he started his own firm, Integrated Financial Services, in Uniondale, New York, which specialized in "Retirement Management". Retirement Management deals with the financial and non-financial concerns of retirees. 

In 1995 his son Ira joined him. In 1996 Ira started Integrated Financial Designs, Inc. in Southern Florida which held monthly workshops in Boynton Beach.  

In 2005 Integrated Financial Services and Integrated Financial Designs, Inc merged into Materetsky Financial Group, Inc.

Howard shares his dual residency with his wife Rolene, spending half their time in New York and the other half in Florida. One son, Ira, now runs the firm, and his other son Steven is a pediatrician in New Jersey. Howard has three grandchildren, Michael, Olivia and Sam. After a career spanning over six decades, Howard finally took his turn at retirement in January 2024. 

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